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Trae Martin | The DJ Henderson Podcast | Season 4 Episode 2 |

October 3, 2021

Welcome back to another Episode of the Dj Henderson Podcast, I’m Your host Dj Henderson and this is season 4 Episode 2.

Today’s show features Trae Martin, Trae was born in Fort Lauderdale Florida, but moved to Tampa as a child and was raised in there Eve since. Trae comes from Humble beginnings as both of his parents are from Jamaica, and they moved to the United States with nothing, and both made a way, by working hard and making it into the medical field, and were able to support and provide for Trae which he appreciates them and loves them dearly.

Trae started playing basketball in the 6th grade, which for some is a late start, but worked his way up throughout High School and is now playing College Ball at the Division 2 Level.

On this episode Trae talks about After His high school career wrapped up and he didn’t have many solid opportunities to play at the next level. That Changed once he met NBA Champion Mareese Speights, started to build a relationship with him and played for his AAU Team, Team Speights

After a big AAU Season, his recruitment picked up and he is now a freshman at the University of Tampa.

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